Episode 3 – Developing the Want to Serve

Episode 3 – Developing the Want to Serve

Directed at some of the possible skeptics of serving others as a life model being something that can truly change the world. This episode will NOT change your life all at once. It will start the journey. Skeptics and non-skeptics alike, we want YOU!

Show Notes:

0:00 Show start
0:25 Speaking to the skeptics
0:53 Maybe you are on the fence with serving others
1:12 Thanks for listening! We are excited about having the conversation
1:25 Developing the Want to Serve
1:39 We don’t just wake up wanting to be a servant
1:59 Self-preservation is what is natural as humans
2:28 What if I’m NOT a Servant?
2:45 Serving people is NOT easy
3:00 A lot of people want to do a lot of nice things, but it’s not what a person wants to be
3:15 Phone company story
4:47 Customer service agent doesn’t have a negative motive most times
5:19 There are some people who are just not awesome
5:25 Some people are great, but they have bad days, bad moments
6:03 Some people at the moment only care about themselves
6:25 It’s going to take a significant shift in our mindset to become a servant
6:52 Service will not become power if we desire power
7:03 Absolute service fulfills absolutely! ~ Lyle Tard
7:35 Power consumes us and corrupts and we begin to fall
8:06 Service is a wave that gently lifts and covers us
8:31 It’s very easy to see genuine service and equally easy to see fabricated service
9:13 Adversity exposes our motives
9:45 First step to Developing the Want to Serve is, to be honest with ourselves
10:17 It is okay to be who I am right
10:28 Who I am right now isn’t who I always was, who I am today is only a version of who I can be tomorrow
11:39 Write down what makes us who we are and match that up with the idea of service being power
12:27 Strike out all things that will promote or exalt us
12:40 If this list is hard to come up with, you are really going to want to subscribe to this podcast
13:23 Let’s begin the discussion!
14:29 Work on the things that we know can help others and start seeing results
14:53 We start to see that we make a significant difference in other lives
15:31 Draw the line in the sand…say today I’m here, but tomorrow, I want to be over there!
16:10 Show end

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