2020 – Year of Discovery for Service is Power Podcast

Many people are talking about 2020 as the year of vision, sight, and clear vision. And sure, it’s easy to make that distinction and parallel. For those who aren’t obviously aware, 20/20 is the term used when you have optimal sight. When one wears corrective lenses, the goal is to have the kind of lenses that allow a person to have that 20/20 optimal sight. But what is all that looking used to do? We all are going somewhere, and we use vision to get there. Some of us use our eyes, and others, like Scotty Smiley, don’t need their eyes to have vision and clear sight. The common thread for all of us is that when we are on the move, we have a goal, and discovery is the fulfillment of that goal. 

Here at the IMPACT company, we are on the move. We have a goal. We are passionate about discovering the best for each and every one of you. Only then will we truly be able to discover the best for us as a leadership organization. We are looking to discover who you are, discover what you are about, discover where you want to be, discover when you want to be there and discover how you need to get there. That’s going to create the kind of IMPACT that lasts, that matters, and is significant. 

Service is Power Podcast has been seeking the best way to serve our listeners, bringing the right guests at the right time and giving the right content to the right audience to discover the greatest level of IMPACT we can have through this medium. Recently, we were able to reach our goal of 5,000 listens. Now, we are seeking ways to translate listens to conversations. If we can discover the best way to serve, listens will become conversations and conversations will become downloads that will, in turn. create more conversations.  

We are looking to discover the influencers that are listening to our podcast. Are you an influencer? Discover why you are if you don’t think you are, discover what is missing if you are on the fence and discover how to grow your influence all inside this “Are you an Influencer” resource we have created for you. And together, we will discover how to widen our influence individually, within our community and with this podcast this year, 2020 – The Year of Discovery. Are you ready to jump on this train with us? Click here for more!