Episode 12 – Why Not Now, Why Not You

Antoine Hall, a IT Project Manager with Cardinal Solutions shares his story of sacrafice, team commitment and dedication to others as he helps us answer the question “Why Not Now, Why Not You” in the 12th Episode of the Service is Power Podcast. Let’s go!

Show Highlights

0:00 Show start
2:13 SL need to have an “off-speed pitch” in life
2:22 Why Not Now, Why Not You Intro
2:41 Antoine Hall Official Intro
4:17 Embracing Servant Leadership Article
5:00 Jireh Provisions Homestead
6:43 Servant Leadership examples during Hurricane Florence
12:11 What is a SCRUM Master?
14:53 “When you have a bunch of chiefs, it can be a problem because everybody has a opinion.” ~ Antoine Hall
15:49 “I’m not going to ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. The expectations I have for you are the expectations I have for myself.” ~ Antoine Hall
18:49 Great leaders work in the background, then step up to the foreground, then go back to the background
19:39 Introduction of Jireh Provisions Homestead
22:48 Why not Now, Why Not You?
26:05 Even in loss, there are great lessons to be learned
27:06 Connecting with Antoine Hall

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