Episode 14 – The Art of Servant Leadership w/Art Barter

Servant Leadership isn’t just something people do, it who you are. And there is no one better to teach us that than one of the premier voices of Servant Leadership behavior, Art Barter. Buckle up as Art shows us through his new book, the Art of Servant Leadership. Let’s Get It!

0:00 Show start
0:25 Social Media overview Twitter YouTube LinkedIn
0:47 New Goal – 100,000 conversations
0:57 Our discovery
1:01 People don’t know what servant leaders is and they don’t believe it works
1:35 How do we get the message out? First subscribe!
1:55 Develop our voice
2:05 Ask tough questions that give true answers
2:27 We need you to be active and counted!
2:41 Pre-Intro of Art Barter
2:52 Listen to the end – Some special extras from Art
3:06 Art Barter Bio
4:26 Start of Art of Servant Leadership
4:52 How I got started in Servant Leadership
5:14 The first thing I saw was from the Servant Leadership Institute
5:43 Art speaks
6:08 Why is Servant Leadership a viable leadership style?
6:17 Servant Leadership is the only leadership style
6:22 We need to treat everyone with dignity and respect
6:45 Companies perform at a higher level when leaders care about the people
7:07 Spent a lot of years in the “power leadership” model
7:25 The only way a company can stay around long term is to serve
7:45 We shouldn’t get into the “win/lose” competition – Not a long term formula for success
7:54 Caring is a long term formula for company success
8:05 Serving people is all about behaviors
8:24 People do amazing things when leaders get out of their way
8:52 The word “service” and “servant leader” requires you to do something. It’s a verb.” ~ Art Barter
9:16 What were you doing as a power leader that was holding you back?
9:41 As a power leader, the gave the title of “controller” so controlling people was the result
10:23 Power leaders need to get something out of people without teaching them why
11:09 The ultimate statement of a power leader is “do what I tell you, or I’ll find someone who will.”
11:19 Power leaders expect you to give up your life for the company
11:29 Servant Leadership believes in “life/work integration”
12:24 Power leaders are about results. Why is the journey to results more important than the results themselves?
12:37 You have to look yourself in the mirror and deal with whether or not you got results the right way or not
13:00 Story from Egyptian company doing things the “wrong way”
13:34 In the Servant Leadership world, if it’s not in accordance with our values and doing it the right way, we walk away
14:12 People will come back and build with you when you establish that you can be trusted
14:48 When people know you are about helping others meet their mission, they will stick with you
15:24 “A good culture will trump strategy everyday of the week.’ ~ Art Barter
16:15 How do we need to develop our mindset to develop Servant Leadership behaviors?
16:42 Service is not a natural feeling, it’s a learned behavior
17:25 Spend time reflecting
17:54 Create a mindset of extending grace in the community you are apart of
18:37 Servant Leadership Behavior Journal – have discussions about our behavior to focus on them
19:03 Knowing you want to change your mind will flow in your heart to change
19:28 Reflection helps you see where you are and be honest with where you might be
19:39 Personal story for Art’s behavior
20:26 Listening is a form of love
20:48 Use the people who know you best (loved ones) and the people who work closest with you
21:14 Lyle’s military example of the power of changed behavior through changing our mindset
22:29 Explain what is so wonderful about reflection?
23:06 Embrace the difficulty to disconnect from the world to focus on yourself
23:31 Find a place that is special that you can think about who you are and where you want to go
24:00 Spending time with just yourself is a scary situation
24:33 Don’t allow fear to stop you from exploring what you want to be
25:10 I wish someone would have grabbed me in college and told me to reflect
25:42 The earlier you start out in life reflecting, the better off you will be
25:47 “If you find your why, you’ll find your way” ~ Art Barter
26:07 Art’s story of a father and son – Passion
26:30 If you work in your passion, do you know how much joy you would get out of life?
26:59 On reflection – Do what works for you!
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29:00 WebinarOlivia McIvor
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29:59 Parting shot from Art
30:33 Final word from Lyle
31:44 Show end

Books: Art of Servant Leadership II: How You Get Results Is More Important Than the Results Themselves

The Servant Leadership Journal: An 18 Week Journey to Transform You and Your Organization

Farmer Able: A fable about Servant Leadership transforming organizations and people from the inside out