Episode 22 – Leadership Bones w/Dr. Timothy Clark

If you were thrusted into a leadership postion, all of a sudden, and you only had one hour to prepare, where would you go?
What would you read? What questions would we ask? Now, there is an answer! Dr. Timothy Clark come through on the podcast
and tackles this problem giving us the essentials of leadership from his new book “Leadership Bones.” Let’s discover together
how we are built as Servant Leaders!

0:00 Show start
5:41 Dr. Timothy Clark – Introduction
6:32 The Importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
8:13 Debunking the myths of EQ
10:23 How to tap in to the hidden potential of others
11:51 Using EQ to overcome the “Consumer” Trap
14:04 How to lead anyone, anywhere, anytime
18:28 The difficulty of “Sharing the Stage” as a Leader
21:36 Preparation to for Exemplary Service – Learning Agility
24:02 Special offer for listeners from Dr.Clark
24:39 Connect with Dr. Clark

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