Episode 15 – Defining Courage as a Servant Leader w/Katie Reginato Cascamo

As we close out 2018, here is a heartwarming story of courage, investing and diving deep into the things that drives us to create the moments that make all the difference is the world. If you need motivation going into 2019, this episode will do it for you…Let’s Go!

Show Highlights:

0:00 Show start
2:28 Intro of Courageous Steps
3:21 Episode Start
5:17 Dr. Brene Brown – The Messy Place
6:09 Investing in College Students
7:24 Katie’s journey into Servant Leadership
9:59 Premature birth of Giovanni
10:19 Pursuit of Master’s in Organizational Leadership w/Servant Leadership concentration from Gonzaga University
11:01 The meaning of Courageous Steps
13:43 The connection with premature birth and Servant Leadership
15:30 Larry Spears – CEO of The Spears Center for Servant Leadership
17:17 The difference in behavior between a dysfunctional hospital and a servant leader hospital
19:55 Dr. Brene Brown – Connection – Felt, Seen & Heard
21:17 The gift of investment as a college student
23:55 Connect with Katie Reginato Cascamo Twitter Facebook
25:09 Recap on the centerpiece
27:07 Show End