Episode 20 – Self Discovery w/Matt D’Amour

There are so many elements of ourselves that need attention and service. While we are serving others, many times we forget that
we must take care of home. Matt D’Amour is on this time around to show us how beneficial looking at how we take care of ourselves
can help us be the best Servant Leaders we can be. Let’s go on this journey together!

0:00 Show start
3:32 Matt D’Amour intro
4:37 The Benefits of Self-Discovery
5:34 How does Self-Discovery help us connect with others?
6:05 The Power of Connection
7:01 How Self-Discovery makes us better
9:31 How our health can open the door to compassion and love
15:01 What’s at the core of your overall well being?
16:04 Helping others to see that they have everything inside of them to be healthy
19:09 How physical health helps us connect with others
Contact: matt.damour@gmail.com