Dream Investors

I recently had a conversation with a few good friends and they were talking about the community they are apart of not seeing them. One of the most difficult things in life has to be the moments when we feel invisible. When you know you have something to offer, something significant and no one sees it, it’s frustrating. I’m loving a quote by Dr. Brene Brown “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued…” It’s so hard to see yourself as connected in community if we are invisible. And one of the major needs for us as humans is the need to be in community. No matter if that community is at your job, with your family or in your cul-de-sac, community matters.

During this conversation, I was experessing my deep appreciation for their friendship and consistency (before they mentioned their frustration). I felt the need to say something specific and recent that they did for us, even though it didn’t seem like it was much of anything to them. They responded with how they feel about themselves after hearing these things. The reason why they stay connected in community is because of how things are relayed to them about them by my family. They stated that they often forget about who they are and what value they have because the community they are in doesn’t relay that to them. Immediately, there was a sense of value deposited in me. I started to think about what it means for me to be in a person’s life that helps them see who they are clearly. I recieved a great deal of joy from that. Specifically, they said that no one “invests” in them like we do.

A few things here: First of all, most of us, if not all of us want to feel valued and validated, much like this couple, and we want to have it come from someone else. We have our preferences of who we want it to come from, and there are a select few people we don’t want it to come from, but most of us will take it from anywhere. When we feel valued and validated, it sparks passion in us and we believe in ourselves in a way that solidifies us. Our thoughts are more vivid and our dreams are much more reachable. When someone invests in our dreams, we feel like those dreams can become a reality. I wonder, as you read this, who is investing in your dreams?

Secondly, we all want to be appreciated for what we do. At some level, we all want to be recognized. An award, a pat on the back, an atta-boy, a simple “thank you”, something that showcases appreciation for your time and talent. Many of us have worked very hard…not for the recognition, but for the sheer joy and passion for who we are and what we do. It’s not easy to be who you are everyday and many of us have been working our tails off and it’s just great to be appreciated. I wonder, as you read this, who invests appreciation for you and in you?

I think a lot of us are like the friends I was talking to. We have something to offer, but are seemingly invisible. We feel unvalidated, unappreciated and void of worth. And no one invests in a worthless dream. But here’s what I discovered in the conversation. When I simply took a moment to see something in them, something simple, and place just a little bit of significance on it, it changed the game for them. It made them feel alive. The rest of that conversation, they started to talk about goals and the next steps in life with some enthusiasm! It was great. But guess what…it changed the game for me too! All of a sudden, I realized that I was apart of the dream, I was feeding life and vitality into their dream which awakened a dream in me! Serving them in a way that wasn’t about me became extremely beneficial for me. So now, I’m wondering, as you read this, are you a dream investor? Are you giving valuable clarity and perspective into the dreams and aspirations of others? The reality is, every person who invests well gets a return on investment. But the best investors aren’t concerned about what they get back from their investment personally, they want the ones they are invested in to succeed. Become a consistent Dream Investor today!