Episode 1 – Service is Power

This is the pilot episode of the Service is Power podcast, hosted by IMPACT Servant Leadership CEO, Lyle Tard. On the show is a special guest, Sherrell Tard.
Here are the highlights:

0:00 Show start
0:26 Pilot Episode intro
0:48 Intro of Sherrell Tard
0:59 Sherrell speaks
1:15 Service is Power is an oxymoron
1:28 Not something that most people put together
1:38 Serving and help is significant
1:53 Extraordinary and Powerful service
1:59 Terrible Service
2:15 Gas Station horrible service story
3:30 Sherrell introduces White Castle amazing service
3:55 Intro of Gabriella from New Jersey White Castle
5:16 Being a person that wanted to provide great service
5:43 Sent a Twitter message about her service
7:01 Serving well can help other people appreciate their own
7:14 Remove negativity around the service industry
7:25 College students can be significant on campus through serving
7:47 Serving isn’t something we do, but it’s becoming someone we are
8:07 People who live life around a college student becoming servants that lead and create culture
8:45 Help college student become the leaders everyone wants to work for not run from
8:58 Build businesses that people want to come back to
9:12 Gain influence in their community
9:34 The Power to Serve will Serve us All
10:07 Homemakers are incredible Servant Leaders
10:44 Closing Moments
11:15 Show End