Episode 2- Thank You for Your Service

Episode 2 – Thank you for Your Service

What does it really mean when people say thank you? It’s something that we have allowed to lose quite a bit of its impact on our personal lives and this episode highlights its importance and effect on the lives of others. How can we earn the significance required for others to be truly thankful? Learn here!

Show notes:

0:00 Show start
0:31 Phrase that has lost its luster
0:38 We all want appreciation
1:15 Hope there is someone in your life that appreciates you
1:50 Go back to the person who is really challenging you and say “thank you”
2:17 Adversity is a phenomenal teacher in life
2:45 Still on active duty serving in the military at the time of this recording
3:54 Servicemembers hear “thank you” quite a bit
4:02 Service is being involved in something someone has not done, or would not do
4:16 People think working for the government is sacrifice, dedication and commitment
4:30 Lead to honor, esteem and beloved
4:50 Not just military people get that type of accolade
5:40 Thank you for your service
5:45 What they are actually saying is thanks for allowing me the freedom to be me
6:25 There are other people that are allowing others to have freedom as well
7:00 The phrase “Thank you for your Service” can be more than just for military
8:18 Others can be “fortified fences” in the lives of others, not just military
9:43 When we serve others, we empower them to be better versions of themselves
9:48 There might be difficult people, and if we would adopt a growth mindset with them, we would see our growth despite difficulty
10:41 We will see that those people have improved us
11:18 Selfless service spreads joy, hope and love
12:10 Testimonials that give witness to what we’ve done to help others
12:47 If you are listening…thank you for YOUR service!
13:17 If there is something that is helping you from this podcast…share it!
13:44 Episode wrap up
14:10 Show end