Episode 4 – Confidence In Leadership

Episode 4 – Confidence in Leadership

0:00 Show start
0:25 It is tough to find people we can trust
1:07 When we find people we can truly trust, we never want to let them go
1:30 You never know what they are going to look like or who they are going to be
2:27 When you are betrayed, it is hard to listen to anything they had to say
2:50 No one follows someone they cannot trust
3:12 Who are the type of servants who have done the greatest things for us?
3:25 Those are extremely trustworthy people
3:38 We would give everything for them because they have given everything for us
4:03 Confidence in Leadership
4:36 The greatest servants produce confidence in the others about their leadership
4:50 Countable leaders – A mathematical term, but not used in that context
5:13 We can find an end value in the leadership of servant leaders
6:01 You can depend on the presence of a countable leader
6:42 How can we be all the way present with the person that is in front of us?
7:07 Story of Jeanne Mayo (@JeanneMayo)
7:38 When you talk to hear, it is as if the entire world goes away
8:11 The thoughts and opinions of a countable leader is completely for the person they are with
8:50 Servant leaders shape their thoughts and opinions to assist the person we are with
9:09 Servant Leaders are not punks or push-overs
9:46 You can bank on the authenticity of a servant leader
10:11 Money in the Bank analogy @WWE
11:04 You can cash in on a servant leader, just like cashing in Money in the Bank
11:38 Servant leaders aren’t out for themselves at the expense of someone else
11:54 Story of a cupbearer
12:06 Cupbearer was important because they would drink from the cup of royalty in case it is poison
12:35 People who trust the cupbearer have to know that he/she is not a part of a coo
13:23 Cupbearer has to be willing to die for those they serve
13:47 Servant Leaders are the barriers between another person’s hurts and pains
14:09 SL are the first people on the battlefield and the last off and they never leave anyone behind
14:20 We Were Soldiers analogy – Lt Col Hal Moore
16:16 Motivation for leaders who are listening – Upper Management
16:26 Upper Management SL hold confidence in leadership higher than the profit margin
17:00 John Maxwell says “There are two bottom lines, money and people.”
17:10 SL know that the bottom line of money doesn’t get higher within great people
17:40 Customer can’t trust in the company’s direction if the employees can’t trust their leaders
17:55 Servant Leaders are all about the long game
18:09 Middle Managers provide Confidence in Leadership to build trust in front of behind them
18:48 We want to make sure that the deepest parts of us are cared for the most
19:36 Final Word
20:14 Show End