Episode 5 – The Value of Being Needed

Episode 5  The Value of Being Needed
Who needs you anyway? Well, if you are a Servant Leader, everybody does! In this episode, Lyle discusses how being needed is a trait every Servant Leader works at adding to their toolbox. Listen and discover how valuable adding a Servant Leader to your team can truly be!
0:00 Show start
0:30 Improving Website experience
1:13 We need you listener!
1:23 The Value of Being needed Intro
1:26 Story of Jacob Whitehurst (Father in Law)
2:50 Even though they were capable on their own, they allowed themselves to be required by the other
3:34 Being independent is not wrong
4:15 We are talking about the possibility that it’s great to find need in others
4:22 When is the last time someone told you they needed you? How did it make you feel?
4:42 When is the last time you said you need someone? How did that make you feel?
5:07 The strongest people know when they need someone
5:12 One of the most powerful things on this earth is the power of a phenomenal question
5:44 How much can we can from the ideals and lives of others?
6:00 Servant Leaders (SL) aren’t needy, they are needed
6:42 SLs don’t demand attention or the spotlight
7:40 SLs are needed on purpose…being needed is working for others
8:12 SLs aren’t just problem solvers, they are greatness enhancers
8:34 Productivity from an SL is so high, it’s evident (Ep 4)
9:05 When a SL inserts themselves in a team, the team gets better, but it’s not about the SL
9:30 Lyle’s story of being needed
10:45 The Agony of being needed
10:57 SLs work at being needed…it could sound selfish
11:21 The best leaders are the one that no one knows is there
11:41 Here’s how SLs work at being needed
11:47 SL look at the needs of others, then meet the needs
12:42 SLs adapt to situations to be effective in changes in situations
13:03 SLs make a personal and authentic impact on other’s lives
13:15 Sls on a personal level is all about knowing and caring about people – organically
13:40 Conversations cannot be about us as SLs
13:53 Being a great question asker – We can maximize the relationship with any person by asking the right question
14:48 Sls don’t take our burdens and trade them with others
15:16 Sls understand professional environments and lean into them
15:35 SLs must first embrace the environment to gain rapport with the people we are with
16:25 When immersed in the environment, we invite others to be apart of the change to build trust
17:11 SLs leave visible imprints on where they have been so others can be confident in where they are going
17:39 Start making your imprints right now!
18:38 Final words of trust
19:10 Show end