Episode 6 – If Service is Beneath You…

Episode 6 – If Service is beneath you…

Rich Wilkerson Jr., author Sandcastle Kings said:

“If Service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.” (Quote is not from the book)

Part 1 of a two-part episode highlighting the requirement of service as a leader. Most of us have had that moment when we had to do something that was thankless. Some of us have vowed to never go there again. But is there significance is valuing that time? Lyle hones in on getting rid of a “beneath” mentality.

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2:20 Critiques
2:44 Story of Sherrell on part-time job
3:15 “Wow, your self-esteem must be really low to want to stay at home”
3:25 What a ridiculous statement!
3:52 Being a homemaker has to be the most difficult job on the planet!
4:32 There are some male homemakers out there kicking butt!
4:40 Homemakers are some of the greatest Servant Leaders on the planet!
5:35 Some people see those who serve first as beneath and less than
5:52 Everybody Love Raymond analogy “The Faux Pas”
6:48 Most of our society sees that kind of service as lowly and beneath them
7:12 Many thankless tasks create atmosphere and allow environments to come alive
7:40 Quote from Rich Wilkerson Jr. “If Service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you!”
8:30 We are going to break this quote up in to two different episodes
9:00 Focus in on a “beneath” mentality
9:07 What kind of an identifying mindset and trait showcases a “beneath” mentality
10:25 If we are going to follow anybody, we want to know that they care and can identify with us
11:23 Leaders that don’t serve, don’t serve any purpose
12:00 Service is never beneath any of us
12:05 To have a beneath mentality is to misunderstand that there is power in service
13:01 This mentality misrepresents what it means to have authority and influence
13:47 How do we recognize and change this mentality?
14:20 Intentionally serve in the positions we supervise
14:45 Story of Brig Gen E. John Tichert
16:09 As the Installation Commander, in the worst conditions, was serving at the lowest place
17:25 As a leader, he decided to get out of his comfort and into the discomfort
17:49 Most others would have viewed what he did as beneath his position, influence, and ability
18:31 Strategically think about how we can benefit only others (not benefiting us in any way)
19:06 What if we created strategic plans to increase others independent of ourselves
19:33 In order to do this, we have to get out of our own heads and our own way
19:55 Celebrate the specific and significant value others have around us
20:30 Can we look at what others are doing and submit ourselves to what they are doing?
21:36 We can discover ways to enhance the value of the team we are on
21:53 How do we improve a team that is already good?
22:35 Innovation – Outside of the box thinking
22:38 How do we improve mediocrity?
22:53 Discovery – Uncovering – Digging deep – Servant Leaders discover what has been covered up
24:04 We can all grow from each other
24:37 Show end

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