Episode 7 – …Then Leadership is Beyond You

This is part 2 of our deep dive in to Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s quote “If Service is Beneath you, then Leadership is Beyond you.” What does it look like when leaders are so ahead that they are ineffective? Lyle dissects this quote by taking a look at what a “beyond” leader looks like, then shares some keys to getting within reach.

0:00 Show start
0:57 Thanks for connecting with us
1:19 Reach out to us, regardless of how far along we are in the podcast journey
1:32 “It’s never too late for us to be the best version of ourselves.” ~ Lyle Tard
2:01 Wrestling analogy
2:18 Heels – The “bad guys”
2:41 The bad guys are acting like everyone is below them
3:07 The character they play acts as if they are above even the people that support them
3:17 We know people, leaders like that…they have that attitude of being “better” than everyone else
3:46 I cheer for servant leaders who don’t act like they are above others
4:16 Rich Wilkerson Jr. said “If service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.”
4:40 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Nation of Domination analogy
5:13 The Rock never got his hands dirty, but was always there to take all the glory
5:43 “If we aren’t willing to do everything, then we can’t lead in anything.” ~ Lyle
5:51 Your team will dismiss you if you aren’t willing to get down and dirty with them
6:31 True leadership is giving up our way. It’s not about how much we accumulate
7:01 Beware of leaders who try to take all of the glory because of their position alone
7:05 Big difference between Positional leadership and Influential leadership
7:33 This episode is all about the “electricity” of being a servant leader
8:03 The best leader is the one who uses their influence
8:41 Those who lead from position alone care less about people, and more about product
8:55 There are positional leaders that are making positive impact, using their position to spread influence
9:24 “Your influence can take you farther than your position has you!” ~ Lyle Tard
9:33 Beyond leaders only think about their position and never leave that position
9:52 The idea of “beyond” symbolizes being “out of reach”
10:12 Kidnap movie analogy
11:45 The people in the car represent an “out of reach” leader
11:50 Out of reach leaders cannot touch people in the most important areas
12:03 The people who are following those out of reach leaders can’t touch them because they are already gone
12:45 Out of reach leaders only have a limited ablility to touch those they lead
13:15 Typically followers of out of reach leaders never connect
13:53 Servant leaders don’t leave people behind
14:00 Becoming a leader that is within reach
14:19 # 1 – “Shift from being asked to asking.” ~ Dan Rockwell
15:00 # 2 – Respond to those around you instead of reacting
15:26 First responder analogy – They have the basic thing to help save a life
15:52 The difference between a reactor and a responder
16:16 A responding leader knows that the person they are dealing with might have the answer already within them
16:32 # 3 – Show instead of tell
17:09 It’s possible to lose ourselves if leadership is beyond us
17:30 Challenge: Purposefully get in touch with those around us
17:46 Ask a quetison we already know the answer to just to get a different perspective
18:18 “Listening intently is an opportunity to help someone grow!” ~ Lyle Tard
19:00 Parting shot
19:28 Show End

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