Episode 33 – Fostering Servant Leadership w/Curtis Marshall

In this episode, listeners will:

  • Be reminded about the simplicity of influence through being the example
  • Apply a mission-like perspective to cope with stressful situations
  • Discover how to make your childhood work for you no matter how you grew up

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 7 Steps to Success as a Servant Leader Guidebook

Episode 32 – Humble Inquiry w/Edward Kim

In this episode, listeners will:

  • Discover the power of influence through asking questions
  • Establish their leadership norms by defining consistency in behavior
  • Understand that values-based work and living create the greatest opportunity for team and mission success

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7 Steps to Success as a Servant Leader Guidebook

Episode 31 – Mindfulness Edge w/Matt Tenney

In this episode, listeners will:

– Learn to close the gap with others they serve through mindfulness

– Discover how to become your own internal coach

– Become aware of the little habits and thoughts that keep us from achieving success with others

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7 Steps to Success as a Servant Leader Guidebook

Episode 30 – Leadership: The Daily Choice w/Drew Dudley

In this episode, listeners will:

– Discover how not to dismiss the leadership impact we have

– Learn 3 easy keys to engaging in positive leadership behaviors

– Understand why it is important to answer the question “Why do you matter?”

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Servant Lead Amplification Hypothesis

7 Steps to Success as a Servant Leader Guidebook

Episode 30 – Leadership: The Daily Choice

In this episode, listeners will:

– Discover how not to dismiss the leadership impact we have

– Learn 3 easy keys to engaging in positive leadership behaviors

– Understand why it is important to answer the question “Why do you matter?”

Show Highlights – serviceispower.org/oneday

Instagram    Twitter    LinkedIn    Website – drewdudley.com

Servant Lead Amplification Hypothesis

7 Steps to Success as a Servant Leader Guidebook

Episode 29 – Pause2Endure w/Sara Thingvold

In this episode, listeners will:
– Understand how to prepare their mind for action
– Learn to avoid regret in relationship
– See why creating emotional space is important

Show Notes link:   Episode 29 Triune Leadership Services Instagram Twitter LinkedIn 7 Steps to Success as a Servant Leader Guidebook

Episode 28 – Behavioral Integrity w/ Dr. Kevin Basik

Do you know who you are? Is it who you think you are, who you are trying to be or is it about who we are trying to be for others? Having the kind of integrity to behave the right way even when no one is looking is what Dr. Kevin Basik is here to train us to do.

Show Notes link:   Episode 28 Basik Insight Twitter LinkedIn Success vs. Significance Article

Episode 27 – Surrendered to Serve w/Robert Ellis

How do we go further faster? The last thing that most people would think about is surrendering. But it’s the way that Servant Leaders advance, overcome and thrive in leadership and Robert A. Ellis from Empowered for Success is here to show us how. Get your notepad out and get ready to learn! Let’s get it!

Show Notes link:   Episode 27 Empowered to Serve Email LinkedIn Success vs. Significance Article

Episode 26 – Collaboration w/Dan Thomas

How do we get the organization or community around us to come together and grow together? It’s going to be through being a collaborator! Being willing to share what you have and empowering other pockets of people to connect what they have makes the difference is connection causes to movements and Dan Thomas is here to show us how. We are going to be energized to mobilize after hearing this podcast. Move out!

Show Notes link:   Episode 26 Dan Thomas Experience Podcast Instagram LinkedIn

Episode 25 – Inverted Leadership w/Joel Hawbaker

Flipping the pyramid of leadership is one of the toughest things to do as we grow as people and Joel Hawbaker is here as we celebrate the first quarter of our podcasts, to show how inverting leadership helps us become more confident, complete leaders! Boom! Let’s get it!

Show Notes link:   Episode 25 Inverted Leadership (Books) RealLifeLeading.com LinkedIn Twitter

Episode 24 – How to Understand the Next Generation w/Tahverlee Anglen

For years, lead generations have had problems connecting with and engaging the generations before and after them. World Changer, business collaboration and fellow podcaster Tahverlee Anglen jumps on to help us connect the missing link between the current generation and the one to come in the 24th episode of the podcast! Let’s get it!

Show Notes link:   Episode 24 Grit and Grace Podcast Corporate Cause Agency Instagram Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Episode 23 – H.E.L.P w/ Dr. Jonathan Z. Queen

As we take a closer look at what we are doing with our lives, how are we responding to the needs that other people have? Are those challenges there because there is something holding us back? It’s time to reach out for some H.E.L.P! Dr. Jonathan Z. Queen arrives on the podcast to teach us to be S.A.N.E or Set A New Example and provides the help every Servant Leader is going to need to be significant with others. Enjoy!

Show Notes link:   Episode 23 Unashamed Video New Mindz Instagram Twitter Facebook Books

Episode 22 – Leadership Bones w/Dr. Timothy Clark

If you were thrusted into a leadership postion, all of a sudden, and you only had one hour to prepare, where would you go?
What would you read? What questions would we ask? Now, there is an answer! Dr. Timothy Clark come through on the podcast
and tackles this problem giving us the essentials of leadership from his new book “Leadership Bones.” Let’s discover together
how we are built as Servant Leaders!

Show Notes link:   Episode 22 LeaderFactor EQoMeter Twitter LinkedIn Leadership Bones

Episode 21 – Achieving High Performance w/Dr. Jannell MacAulay

The journey to getting results in life is hard. Some of us have stumbled along the way and others have fallen flat. The key to finishing the race isn’t just getting back up, but rising stronger. Today, the keys to performing at our optimal best is right here as Dr. Jannell MacAulay helps us achieve our performance best. Let’s move!

Show Notes link:   Episode 21  JannellMacAulay.com Ted Talk Instagram LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

Episode 20 – Self Discovery w/Matt D’Amour

There are so many elements of ourselves that need attention and service. While we are serving others, many times we forget that we must take care of home. Matt D’Amour is on this time around to show us how beneficial looking at how we take care of ourselves can help us be the best Servant Leaders we can be. Let’s go on this journey together!

Show Notes link:   Episode 20  Email 

Episode 19 – A Heart for Servant Leadership w/Mark Deterding

Running the race of Servant Leadership will only be as strong as our hearts are healthy and coming to the rescue is Mark Deterding to ensure we have significance as he presents the thought of capturing a A Heart for Servant Leadership. You are going to want to get your note taking items out for this one…Let’s Go!

Show Notes link:   Episode 19  Website  LinkedIn  Facebook  Books

Episode 18 – Clear Sight as a Servant Leader w/Scotty and Tiffany Smiley

Need to disprove the naysayers? Have you had spots in life where you have lost your way? Are you serving people who just don’t seem to have hope or drive? Scotty and Tiffany Smiley have been through some of the most difficult trials humans can imagine. Many others would have given up. If you are serving others who want to give up, or maybe you’ve thought about it one too many times yourself, this is the episode for you! Get ready!

Show Notes link:   Episode 18 Hopeunseen.com TiffanySmiley.com

Episode 17 – Getting Ahead to Give Back w/Joon S.Han

Servant Leadership doesn’t mean you don’t care about yourself. In fact, it’s probably best that we are the absolute best at what we do so we can be the best for others. Joon S. Han jumps on the podcast to convince us that we need to Get Ahead to Give Back. Get ready to be educated in this fun episode!

Show Notes link:   Episode 17  LinkedIn AwesomeGuests.com

Episode 16 – Being Legendary w/Joshua Symonette

We shoot right into 2019 with Joshua Symonette, former NFL Defensive Player. He helps Servant Leaders realize that being legendary starts with being a catalyst, having some grit, changing their mindset and overcoming adversity. Let’s shift into gear with this one!

Show Notes link:   Episode 16 Instagram Facebook Pinterest

Episode 15 – Defining Courage as a Servant Leader w/Katie Reginato Cascamo

As we close out 2018, here is a heartwarming story of courage, investing and diving deep into the things that drives us to create the moments that make all the difference is the world.
If you need motivation going into 2019, this episode will do it for you…Let’s Go!

Show Notes link:   Episode 15    Katie Reginato Cascamo

Episode 14 – The Art of Servant Leadership w/Art Barter

Servant Leadership isn’t just something people do, it who you are. And there is no one better to teach us that than one of the premier voices of Servant Leadership behavior, Art Barter. Buckle up as Art shows us through his new book, the Art of Servant Leadership. Let’s Get It!

Show Notes link:   Episode 14    Art Barter

Episode 13 – Service from the Stage w/DJ MrE & Sean O

When we reach the top is when the lights shine brightest, but how do servant leaders deal with the attention? Entertainers DJ MrE and Sean O teach us how to remain grounded and humble in Episode 13 of the podcast! Let’s go!

Show Notes link:   Episode 13    Sean O DJMrEMusic

Episode 12 – Why Not Now, Why Not You

Antoine Hall, a IT Project Manager with Cardinal Solutions shares his story of sacrifice, team commitment and dedication to others as he helps us answer the question “Why Not Now, Why Not You” in the 12th Episode of the Service is Power Podcast. Let’s go!

Show Notes link:   Episode 12         Jireh Provisions

Episode 11 – Developing Identity w/Link Wilfley

That thing that is blocking us from becoming a person the switches from just wanting to be somebody to being someone who does something could be locked in the development of our identity.Link Wilfley, former Pro Rugby player and President of Wilfley companies in Dever, CO. charges his way on to the podcast to show us how using motivation and being true to ourselves can unlock the key to our identity. Let’s Go!

Show Notes link:   Episode 11         Valor Bridge

Episode 10 – Global Servant Leadership w/Dr. Madana Kumar

In Episode 10, my mentor in all things Servant Leadership, from Bangalore, India, Dr. Madana Kumar makes his way on the podcast! Dr. Kumar gives key insight to the core of Servant Leadership, it’s history and some of the numbers and research that proves that Servant Leadership works! Get ready to be convinced that self-serving leaders are a thing of the past!

Show Notes link:   Episode 10         Menorah Leadership Minstries

Episode 9 – Grit as a Servant Leader with Antoine Hood II

In Episode 9, our 2nd podcast guest, former Air Force basketball standout and NBA journeyman Antoine Hood slams his way into the Service Power Podcast teaching us all how to have “grit” as a Servant Leader. His story of perseverance and passion will inspire you to go all in for others. Enjoy!

Show Notes link:   Episode 9         Anatomy of an American Dream

Episode 8 – Failing Forward — The Why of Service is Power

Failing Forward is a concept few have grasped. Lyle takes us on the personal failings of this podcast journey so far. If you have ever messed up before, this podcast is for you. Also, for those who have been wondering who this podcast is for, lean in because the answer is here!

Show Notes link: Episode 8

Episode 7 – …Then Leadership is Beyond You

This is part 2 of our deep dive in to Rich Wilkerson Jr.’s quote “If Service is Beneath you, then Leadership is Beyond you.” What does it look like when leaders are so ahead that they are ineffective? Lyle dissects this quote by taking a look at what a “beyond” leader looks like, then shares some keys to getting within reach.

Show Notes link: Episode 7

Episode 6 – If Service is Beneath You…

Part 1 of a two-part episode highlighting the requirement of service as a leader. Most of us have had that moment when we had to do something that was thankless. Some of us have vowed to never go there again. But is there significance is valuing that time? Lyle hones in on getting rid of a “beneath” mentality.

Show Notes link: Episode 6

Episode 5 – The Value of Being Needed

Who needs you anyway? Well, if you are a Servant Leader, everybody does! In this episode, Lyle discusses how being needed is a trait every Servant Leader works at adding to their toolbox. Listen and discover how valuable adding a Servant Leader to your team can truly be!

Show Notes link: Episode 5

Episode 4 – Confidence in Leadership

No one follows someone they cannot trust. So how can we be the kind of person that others can have confidence in on a consistent basis? We out to be the type of person that others can count on. In this episode, Lyle takes us on a journey to discover how we can produce Confidence in our Leadership.

Show Notes link: Episode 4

Episode 3 – Developing the Want to Serve

Directed at some of the possible skeptics of serving others as a life model being something that can truly change the world. This episode will NOT change your life all at once. It will start the journey. Skeptics and non-skeptics alike, we want YOU!

Show Notes link: Episode 3

Episode 2 – Thank You for Your Service

What does it really mean when people say thank you? It’s something that we have allowed to lose quite a bit of its impact on our personal lives and this episode highlights its importance and effect on the lives of others. How can we earn the significance required for others to be truly thankful? Learn here!

Show Notes link: Episode 2

Episode 1 – Service is Power

This is the Pilot episode of the Service is Power Podcast. Special guest: Sherrell Tard

Show Notes link: Episode 1

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