Episode 23 – H.E.L.P w/ Dr. Jonathan Z. Queen

As we take a closer look at what we are doing with our lives, how are we responding to the needs that other people have? Are those challenges there because there is something holding us back? It’s time to reach out for some H.E.L.P! Dr. Jonathan Z. Queen arrives on the podcast to teach us to be S.A.N.E or Set A New Example and provides the help every Servant Leader is going to need to be significant with others. Enjoy!

0:00 Show start
6:11 Dr. Jonathan Queen Intro
10:29 The journey of “Are you S.A.N.E.”
15:30 How getting H.E.L.P. makes a better Servant Leader
21:41 Applying H.E.L.P. daily
25:43 Overcoming a victim mentality to be a great Servant Leader
26:58 The Deeper Level of Purpose
28:43 Connecting with Dr. Queen


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