Episode 18 – Clear Sight as a Servant Leader w/Scotty & Tiffany Smiley

Need to disprove the naysayers? Have you had spots in life where you have lost your way? Are you serving people who just don’t seem to have hope or drive? Scotty and Tiffany Smiley have been through some of the most difficult trials humans can imagine. Many others would have given up. If you are serving others who want to give up, or maybe you’ve thought about it one too many times yourself, this is the episode for you! Get ready

0:00 Show start
4:44 Scotty & Tiffany Smiley intro
7:39 How to overcome Naysayers
14:01 The importance and impact of Naysayers
16:48 How do we serve others at all costs?
19:41 The effect of allowing the grieving process to make us better servants
22:08 Vision = “Light” minded eyes / Self-Leadership
24:28 What kind of leader do you want to be?
27:03 Together we are MORE!

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