Episode 21 – Achieving High Performance w/Dr. Jannell MacAulay

The journey to getting results in life is hard. Some of us have stumbled along the way and others have fallen flat. The key to finishing the race isn’t just getting back up, but rising stronger. Today, the keys to performing at our optimal best is right here as Dr. Jannell MacAulay helps us achieve our performance best. Let’s move!

0:00 Show start
5:06 Dr. Jannel MacAulay intro
6:31 Stress is a perceived emotion
8:41 How Strategy turns into high human performance
11:22 How to gain command over our mindset 12:44 The Lost Art of Human Connection
20:18 Mindfulness as a method to remain connected to others
22:56 The Key to being on the long-term path to High Performance
25:23 Connecting with Dr. MacAulay

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