Episode 17 – Getting Ahead to Give Back w/Joon S. Han

Servant Leadership doesn’t mean you don’t care about yourself. In fact, it’s probably best that we are the absolute best at what we do so we can be the best for others. Joon S. Han jumps on the podcast to convince us that we need to Get Ahead to Give Back. Get ready to be educated in this fun episode!

Show Highlights

0:00 Show start
4:58 Intro to Joon Han
7:27 Honoring Sacrifice
9:28 Passion behind Get ahead to Give Back
12:04 The difference between nice and generous
13:51 Competitive Buoyancy
17:21 What to do if you’ve crushed others on the way to the top
20:06 “Do hard Stuff.”
21:32 Why a Servant Leader would want to Get Ahead to Give Back?
23:15 “The better leader you are the hard problems are that require better leaders.” – Joon S. Han
23:41 Do good intentions produce results?
25:05 The Virtuous Cycle
26:18 Overcoming the urge to practice behavior that isn’t generous

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