Episode 10 – Global Leadership w/Dr. Madana Kumar

In Episode 10, my mentor in all things Servant Leadership, from Banglore, India Dr. Madana Kumar makes his way on the podcast! Dr. Kumar gives key insight to the core of Servant Leadership, it’s history and some of the numbers and research that proves that Servant Leadership works! Get ready to be convinced that self-serving leaders are a thing of the past!

Show Highlights

03:30 Mentoring encouragement

05:34 Global Servant Leadership – Dr. Madana Kumar

07:31 South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies

07:38 UST Global

07:58 Menorah Leadership Ministries

08:37 Doctoral Thesis: Servant Leadership in Indian NGOs

09:59 Using external pressure for motivation to do important things

10:32 How to merge life & business to create purpose

11:55 Flashback – Developing the want to Serve – Ep3 Service is Power Podcast

12:34 Global Servant Leadership

13:21 “The King is a paid servant of the people.” ~ Chanakya

15:03 Myths of Servant Leadership

17:14 Fortune 100 “Best Companies to Work For” – 30% are Servant Lead companies

18:30 70% correlation between Servant Leadership behavior and organizational commitment

20:20 Does Servant Leadership really work in the real world?

21:41 Why college students should incorporate Servant Leadership

23:17 Connect with Dr. Kumar   Linked in Dr.Madana Kumar    Twitter KumarMadana   Menorah Leadership (linked above)