Episode 16 – Being Legendary w/Joshua Symonette

We shoot right into 2019 with Joshua Symonette, former NFL Player. He helps Servant Leaders realize that being legendary starts with being a catalyst, having some grit, changing their mindset and overcoming adversity. Let’s shift into gear with this one!

Show Highlights

0:00 Show start
0:31 YumButter Spot
1:55 New Service is Power Podcast episode every other Saturday
4:31 Joshua Symonette introduction
6:45 Leadership Catalyst
7:21 See potential and be ready to activate it and move on it
8:06 How to be a catalyst for change in the lives of others
10:15 Grit as an undrafted rookie in the NFL
11:43 Creating a mindset for the place you want to be
13:23 Getting through adversity while serving your community
14:18 Don’t allow your situation to dictate to you
16:56 What is important for people in previous generations to understand to serve students better
17:30 Millennials are cause driven
18:03 Question asking will bring about clarity
20:14 Being Legendary
22:04 Redefine successful outcomes
23:20 Connect with Joshua Symonette

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