Episode 11 – Developing Identity w/Link Wilfley

That thing that is blocking us from becoming a person the switches from just wanting to be somebody to being someone who does something could be locked in the development of our identity. Link Wilfley, former Pro Rugby player and President of Wilfley companies in Dever, CO. charges his way on to the podcast to show us how using motivation and being true to ourselves can unlock the key to our identity. Let’s Go!

Show Highlights

3:42 Valor Bridge Foundation Intro
4:48 Link Wilfley on the Podcast
6:39 How not leaving others in the lurch shapes identity
7:46 Four simple ways for leadership
7:50 #1 Leaders know some things
8:08 #2 They have the courage to see it through
8:35 #3 You know how to do some things
8:53 #4 Emotionally Intelligent with yourself
9:28 “Identity to me is the past of you, the present of you, and the future of you.” ~ Link Wilfley
10:05 “You can go one way and be somebody or you can go another way and do something.” ~ Jon Boyd
13:32 Link’s Personal Crossroads
17:15 High-Principles as a business owner shaping identity
18:42 Excellence through the Golden Rule
20:45 Talk to 25 year old Link
21:10 #1 Personal Level -Motivation
22:35 Motivation is motivation…it’s not true, but its energy, fuel to build your dreams!
23:30 #2 Professional Level – Be curious!
24:48 “The people out there that are most curious about life have the best lives.” ~ Link Wilfley
24:54 Identity discovery challenge
25:05 #1 Make a list of things you want to do
25:40 #2 Make a Credo
26:52 Connect with Link – ValorBidge.org