My Deconstructed Values: Lyle’s response to Mini-Episode 1

As promised servant-leaders, here is my response to the five questions posed on the 1st mini-episode of the podcast. Please, DON’T LEAVE ME BY MYSELF! 🙂 Nothing would be more humbling than to have you join me by answering these questions as well! Please comment below with your name

  • What did your parents value? – My parents were not clear on their values consistently. I got mixed messages growing up from Christian faith to destructive significance.
  • What values does your current life reflect? Creating significant moments, uncovering the worth and value within the lives of others through servant leadership
  • What impact does your chosen career path or occupation have on you? I recently retired from the military, a career that was honorable and important but didn’t make me feel significant, so I started a leadership company that helps people create, sustain and build it in themselves and others.
  • Where do you live? – Washington D.C. Metropolitan area
  • What do you spend your money on? – We are givers, first to our God, then our “blessing fund”, then to our children.