Nameless Service

One of my favorite jobs in the military was when I was a Base Ceremonial Guardsman. Being apart of the Honor Guard, rendering appropriate honor to members of the past and present military for the sacrifice and duty they selflessly gave, was one of my greatest highlights. And very few people knew it was me.

We were sharp. And I mean the sharpest of the sharp. We placed very specific detail to every inch of our uniform. Our steps were in sync and we practiced for hours on end on our sequencing, balance, timing and strength so that the moment for the person we came to honor felt the depth of appreciation from a grateful nation. And that person would never know that I was on the team.

We represented every single Airman, past, present and future. Each movement, each step, every fold of the flag was about every person that ever honorably wore our uniform. We proudly represented them and the person we were there for that day. And as nameless as those people were are as nameless as I am as a Guardsman.

My favorite thing about that uniform that we wear as a Ceremonial Guardsman, is there is no name on the uniform. It doesn’t matter who is in the uniform. Didn’t matter what they looked like. The United States Air Force came to honor. The United States Air Force came to serve. The United States Air Force remembers.

This is why I have chosen the path of a Servant Leadership Catalyst. Servant Leaders desire to be nameless. Faceless people who walk with strength and conviction, who have high talent levels and work hard, harder than the average person, just for the opportunity to allow someone else to shine. Others will see us, admire us, and thank us. But it will never be about us. Servant Leaders are devoted to giving the best of themselves…anonymously.