Episode 9 – Grit as a Servant Leader with Antoine Hood

In Episode 9, our 2nd podcast guest, former Air Force basketball standout and NBA journeyman Antoine Hood slams his way into the Service Power Podcast teaching us all how to have “grit” as a Servant Leader. His story of perseverance and passion will inspire you to go all in for others. Enjoy the Show Highlights!

01:54  – Antoine Hood II Intro

05:40 – Being Impactful in your Space

09:00 – Loyalty to the Game/The Journey

11:03  – Introduction of Grit

11:58  – “If you never wanted to quit your goals, you aren’t working hard enough” ~ Antoine Hood II

16:40  – No one wins or loses alone

19:29  – “You can’t step off a pedestal. You fall.” ~ Antoine Hood II

22:02  – The Wisdom of Timing

22:17   – “You can do more damage w/good new at the wrong time than bad news at the wrong time.” ~ Antoine Hood II

24:20  – The Best Fuel Possible

27:24   – Connect with Antoine Hood II

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