Episode 13 – Service from the Stage w/DJ MrE & Sean O

When we reach the top is when the lights shine brightest, but how do servant leaders deal with the attention? Entertainers DJ MrE and Sean O teach us how to remain grounded and humble in Episode 13 of the Podcast! Let’s go!

0:00 Show start
0:00 Special Intro – Naima Wilson
0:45 Social Media announcement
0:53 Twitter @ServiceisP
1:34 YouTube – Service is Power
3:02 Service from the Stage
3:11 Everybody has a story and everyone’s story is significant
4:33 Service from the Stage start
4:59 DJ MrE & Sean O entertainers from Miami!
6:27 One Big Party Tour explanation
7:03 How do we fight against the attention and lights and keep it about service minded?
8:53 Tips to remain grounded
11:08 How do you continue to serve the people back at the ground level
11:32 Miami Rescue Mission 
11:37 Glenn Craig w/Youth For Christ
14:03 How do you overcome the threat of people trying to take advantage of you?
16:34 Servant Leaders aren’t doormats
21:09 Andre HarrisonRevDriza
21:35 Advice for people who struggle with the spotlight
26:00 Challenge for people who are jumping into the entertainment industry
28:48 Connect with DJ MrE – All social media @DJMrEMusic DJMrEMusic.com Sean O – Instagram @Sean_Olivera All other Social Media @SeanOlivera