Episode 27 – Surrendered To Serve w/Robert A Ellis

How do we go further faster? The last thing that most people would think about is surrendering. But it’s the way that Servant Leaders advance, overcome and thrive in leadership and Robert A. Ellis from Empowered for Success is here to show us how. Get your notepad out and get ready to learn! Let’s get it!

0:00 Show start
6:27 Servant Leadership according to Robert Ellis
7:42 “Rob’s Rules to Recognition”
8:54 Robert Ellis Intro
11:30 The Law of Reciprocity
14:30 Beware the Blind Side – 360 Degree Feedback
18:46 Surrendered to Serve
22:53 If you don’t happen to life, life will happen to you
26:15 Contact Robert Ellis

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