Episode 24 – How to Understand the Next Generation w/Tahverlee Anglen

For years, lead generations have had problems connecting with and engaging the generations before and after them. World Changer, business collaboration and fellow podcaster Tahverlee Anglen jumps on to help us connect the missing link between the current generation and the one to come in the 24th episode of the podcast! Let’s get it!

0:00 Show start
6:19 Tahverlee Anglen Intro
8:08 How businesses can become Servant Leaders in the community
11:59 The importance of collaboration with the Next Generation
13:55 Overcoming barriers
16:57 How leaders can connect to the Next Generation
19:14 Why is Grace important as a Servant Leader
21:19 Molding the Next Generation
24:13 Connecting with Tahverlee and a special gift
26:15 Building and repairing bridges

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