Episode 19 – A Heart for Servant Leadership w/Mark Deterding

Running the race of Servant Leadership will only be as strong as our hearts are healthy and coming to the rescue is Mark Deterding to ensure
we have significance as he presents the thought of capturing a A Heart for Servant Leadership. You are going to want to get your note taking
items out for this oneā€¦Let’s Go!

0:00 Show start
4:45 Mark Deterding intro
7:37 What are we meant for as Servant Leaders?
9:21 How to find yourself in the principles of Servant Leadership
10:17 5 Key Aspects of Servant Leadership
16:54 How to build a heart for Servant Leadership
19:56 How to condition our heart for significance as a Servant Leader
21:50 College Students – Start spending intentional time on your purpose
23:16 Connect with Mark Deterding
24:13 Special gift from Trinue Leadership Services

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Show Highlights link: https://serviceispower.org/triune/